Impact story: Ubiquitous Theatre

Project: Remembrance 1918 – 2018: Journey’s End Grant: £2,800 Fund: HoB General A stunning account of life in the trenches, this community play was a reproduction of the WWI classic [...]

Impact story: Bucks County Museum Trust

Project: Community hands-on archaeology Grant: £4,200 Fund: Kop Hill Climb This grant has enabled Bucks County Museum Trust to work with an archaeological consultant, plus a project team from the [...]

Impact story: Mona Lisa Arts & Media

Project: Willow Arts – creating with nature Grant: £2,500 Fund: HoB General The Willow Arts project enabled a group of year 5 children to get outdoors and use, create with, understand and [...]

Impact story: Women’s Cultural Arena

Project: Raise WCA’s Profile and infrastructure Grant: £1,000 Fund: HoB General Women’s Cultural Arena (WCA) exists to bring together women from different ethnicities and backgrounds for [...]

Impact story: SV2G

Project: Steelpan music workshops Grant: £4,800 Fund: HoB General This grant was used to purchase additional instruments to enable young people in High Wycombe to take part in steel-pan music [...]