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Project: Continuing to broadcast and bring comfort and companionship to local listeners
Grant: £2,000
Fund: Bucks Coronavirus Response Appeal

Red Kite Radio is the full-time community radio station for Thame, Haddenham and the surrounding villages. It is a professionally run and operated radio station backed up by a team of volunteers and run for the benefit of the community. The station serves an estimated population of 49,000, many of whom are currently in isolation and find the music and local information a source of comfort.

The coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on community radio stations, with usual fundraising activities that fund the stations being brought to a halt. Red Kite Radio have found that advertising revenue and opportunities for fundraising at local events have completely dried up, leaving the station’s future in the hands of local donations and grants.

With their £2,000 grant from the Bucks Coronavirus Response Appeal, Red Kite Radio will be able to continue running for the next few months, bringing regular local listeners some familiarity and comfort at an unprecedented time.

“This grant has literally saved Red Kite Radio for the next few months”, said Steve Fox, Station Director. “Although none of our presenters receive any money at all for their hard work, we still have considerable expenses. We fell between the cracks with regard to the government grants and were facing complete shutdown in the summer.

“Because of the pandemic we have had to ask our presenters to work from home which has caused us extra cost in order to be able to ensure they could carry on broadcasting”.

Red Kite Radio have received some wonderful messages of support from their listeners, too:

“You are keeping us sane in this uncertain world”

“A great radio station and a brilliant local resource who do so much to support the community, [it] would be a crime for the government to let this and many other community radio stations close”

“Hope you can keep up the good work for the whole community”

“Such  an important part  of our community! Offering comfort and support, keeping friends and family informed, entertained and connected here and across the miles. Listened to and enjoyed far and wide”

Listen live to this fantastic radio station here.