We are pleased to introduce our ‘Buckinghamshire: Uncovered’ report series, where we will lift the lid on some of the challenges faced in a county that are too often masked by reliance on statistical averages and pockets of extreme wealth. By delving into the data and statistics, as well as personal anecdotes and stories, we will paint a comprehensive picture of the county today.

Join us as we uncover the complexities and realities of life within Buckinghamshire and these disparities compared to the wider UK.

Introduction report – 2023

Buckinghamshire: Uncovered is powered by the Bucks Data Exchange, using data to evidence local needs and challenges. We will also be talking to people in our communities, helping to bring these issues to life. Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, this project is a long-term commitment by Heart of Bucks to listen, engage, and act to support our county.

Cost of Living Crisis

Buckinghamshire is often portrayed as an affluent county, but in reality the national picture of the Cost of Living crisis is clearly reflected across our county. This report provides a deeper understanding of  geographical inequalities, financial insecurities, housing costs, energy and food poverty being experienced everyday by the people who call Bucks home.

Our Ageing Population

Older people in Buckinghamshire play an intrinsic, vibrant, and pivotal role across our county. This report uncovers statistics relating to our older population in Buckinghamshire, makes comparisons to national data, highlights future challenges, and showcases opportunities within our communities that empower the lives of our older population.

Full report – 2020

Heart of Bucks have collected local and national data on Buckinghamshire in order to make comparisons within the county. In addition to informing us and our supporters of the needs locally, we also hope our findings will help other local organisations make Buckinghamshire a better place to live, work and take part in leisure activities.


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