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Project: SV2G Commonwealth Queen Crown

Grant: £9,350

Fund: ACE Lets Create Jubilee Fund

SV2G (St Vincent and the 2nd Generation) was established in 2003 as an African and Caribbean Arts and Heritage organisation in High Wycombe. Their work includes managing the School of Steelpan, Wycombe Steel Orchestra, Carnival Arts programmes and a range of African and Caribbean heritage projects.

SV2G Commonwealth Queen Crown

The SV2G Commonwealth Queen Crown project was a creative response to co-create a crown as a symbolic structure in celebration of H.M Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. A series of 24 workshops took place, for children and young people, families, and the elderly in High Wycombe. These workshops were aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at children and young people at risk of distraction, as well as refugees and other disadvantaged groups in the town. Participants were inspired by the carnival arts practitioners through an exploration of a fusion of arts, music and history to gain an understanding of the heritage of the Monarch and links to the Commonwealth Caribbean countries.

SV2G Commonwealth Queen CrownThe structure of the crown was split into sections to be decorated by different members of the community. The structure was then put together and unveiled during the High Wycombe Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which included carnival arts and steelpan performances. The crown was then taken on tour, being displayed at tea parties, in the Eden Shopping centre, and at the Bucks Arts Week festival at Wycombe Arts Centre, accompanied by steelpan performances.

SV2G Commonwealth Queen Crown

This project brought together a range of residents from a wide selection of backgrounds and cultures, allowing them to interact with each other and engage together in arts and heritage activities, gaining practical as well as educational experiences. It also allowed SVC2G to develop new audiences, and improve and educate the community.

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