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Project: Equipment and coaching costs
Grant: £1,525
Fund: Gawcott Fields Community Solar

Tingewick FC are a junior/youth football club that offer grassroots football for local children. At the time of applying for grant funding (September 2018) they had one under 16 team, which started as an under 14 team when the club was launched two years ago. They were looking to grow the club in order to reach more children and offer more football opportunities to the wider community.

As a result of this funding, Tingewick FC were able to set-up an under 10 and under 11 team and supply them with full kit. The grant has also been used to purchase equipment such as balls, cones and goals which are essential for the team to be able to train and play matches. In addition to this it has enabled them to pay for a level 1 coaching qualification for a parent volunteer who is now the registered coach for the team.

Mandy Putman, treasurer for the club said:

Being able to set-up two new football teams has been of huge benefit to the community. It has promoted health and wellbeing for a large number of children whilst at the same time encouraging parents to spend fun, quality time with them. It has also enhanced community development as parents and children have the opportunity to chat and get to know each other at the sports field whilst watching, supporting or volunteering for the club.

As a result of this funding there has been lots of local interest in the club, particularly in further growth and offering coaching to even more age groups.

Parent feedback: 

My son has always found school hard and his concentration is poor, so when it comes to instructions he would sometimes get it wrong. Since he’s been at football he has made lots of friends and his fitness has improved but now when we get to football he will wait and listen to his coach instead of looking around and seeing what other people are doing. He can’t wait to come to football, rain or shine he is there.