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Heart of Bucks is delighted to be partnering with The Rothschild Foundation, SWEF, and Youth Voice Bucks to launch the Young Futures Fund – a participatory grant-making programme to provide more resources to local young people, and the services that support them. We believe in the power of young minds and the incredible potential they hold. By co-designing and collaborating directly with young people through participatory charitable funding and grant-making opportunities, we aim to nurture talent, foster innovation, and create a brighter future for Buckinghamshire’s next generation.

At our annual reception CEO Henry Allmand announced this exciting new venture and said:

As a Community Foundation, we know that young people need as much support as possible, now more than ever. We also believe in the power of communities to make decisions about how funding is distributed. So we have formed this unique partnership, working closely with organisations and individuals who care deeply about improving outcomes for our young people, right here in Buckinghamshire.

The Young Futures Fund brings together local financial resources to give young people the power to make impactful decisions about the distribution of grants that will shape the projects and initiatives on offer in Buckinghamshire. Our participatory funding approach hands over the decision-making process to young people, for young people.

Visit the Young Futures Fund website to find out more.


To donate to Young Futures Fund visit our Total Giving page or email