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Project: Packing and delivering food parcels to those in need in the local community
Grant: £1,500
Fund: NET Coronavirus Appeal (more info)

Seerah Today is a community group who aim to improve community cohesion with a particular focus on understanding Islam and Muslims. Seeing the need in their local community of High Wycombe and its surrounding areas during the COVID-19 crisis, Seerah Today responded by setting up the ‘meal today’ initiative.

The Qur’an teaches to ‘feed the people’, and this is exactly what co-founders Rosalind and Junaid Khan decided to do in order to support the most vulnerable people in the community. A week before the UK government announced the country-wide lockdown, Seerah Today began running food parcels to those in need. By reaching out through social media, Seerah Today were also able to secure a small group of volunteer drivers to assist with delivering the food parcels.

The label affixed to each food parcel delivered

With a £1,500 grant from the NET Coronavirus Appeal, Seerah Today have been able to purchase the key ingredients to make their food parcels and also provide some reassurance to those benefiting from their service that they can continue to create and deliver parcels for at least a few more weeks. “We can give people assurances that we can see them for this period of time and not keep saying ‘it depends on donations'”, shares Rosalind.

“This funding all goes straight on food for the needy and we will be able to get a larger stock in as a result of this grant which means that we will not have to make such a lot of trips to the supermarket!”

With less time spent acquiring the vital provisions for the food parcels, Seerah Today are able to instead focus on the people they are helping and bring them some comfort and hope at this difficult time.

A thank you note from a grateful food parcel recipient

“We are trying to address people as humans; making sure we are settling anxieties and warming hearts as well as feeding tummies”, said Rosalind.

“Coronavirus has caused a lot of upset and anxiety especially in the elderly and most vulnerable and we do get frequent calls from these groups. Of course the number of jobs lost and the number of people unable to leave their house has also had a significant impact.

“I think the local community has been really good. Many groups have sprung up and we are working together. The media has also been very supportive too and the council and councillors have been very valuable in helping to support too”.