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This fund is now closed. The information below is for reference only.

We are seeking applications to the Saving Lives fund, the purpose of which is to promote positive mental health for men and boys in any age group in Buckinghamshire, specifically with the aim of reducing the incidence of male suicide. Projects are expected to run for a maximum of 12 months.

Grants available up to £15,000

We are looking for projects which aim to:

– Increase the community-based support for those at risk of suicide.
– Reduce the stigma of suicide
– Build resilience to mental health problems in local communities
– Promote positive mental health in local communities

Fundable projects include those that provide one or more of the following, exclusively for men and boys in Buckinghamshire:

– Educational or awareness raising projects and initiatives
– Development of mental health schemes or services
– Improved access to mental health services
– Transformation/enhancements of the engagement and dialogue about suicide and mental health
– Innovative and creative ideas that contribute to the desired outcomes of the Fund
– Opportunities to address and reduce the stigma of suicide
– Community based support for those at risk of suicide

Other projects that can demonstrably deliver the outcomes set out above will also be considered.

Grant-making priority:

Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate they are designed with reference to the principles upon which wellbeing initiatives for men should be based. These are described in the ‘Samaritans Handbook for Men’s Wellbeing Services’ which is available here.  These include:

– Use activities to facilitate conversation
– Be welcoming and accessible
– Have a sense of irreverence
– Start with low commitment and increase
– Communicate clearly
– Foster meaningful relationships over time
– Foster a sense of achievement

Other information:

In addition to addressing the project activity, outcomes and design principles, your application will need to show how you plan to monitor and evaluate your project to understand and demonstrate the impact it has achieved, as well as any lessons learned. It is important this is planned at the outset as you will be expected to produce an outcomes report at the end of the grant period that can be shared with funders Buckinghamshire Council’s Public Health team.

You will also need to show how you plan to embed the project into your organisation’s work to allow longer term sustainability.

There is further background information and data around male suicide in Buckinghamshire provided by Buckinghamshire Council’s Public Health team here.

Who can apply?

Registered charities, community groups, social enterprises, Community Interest companies (limited by guarantee) or other not for profit organisations which are based in or operate for the benefit of residents in the area administered by Buckinghamshire Council.  This includes parish & town councils and school-affiliated groups (e.g. school student councils, Parents or Friends Associations). The groups must be formally constituted and operate for public benefit.

What we can fund:

– Capital expenditure – such as equipment, building modifications
– Project costs associated with new, or the enhancement of existing, initiatives
– Core costs, where these are required to deliver a defined project outcome or to enable voluntary work

What we can’t fund:

– Activities promoting a particular religious or political belief
– Overseas travel
– Projects which are already completed
– Individuals
– Statutory bodies (excluding parish/town councils)
– Profit-making organisations
– Organisations whose principal concern is animal welfare
– Activity which is a statutory responsibility of a public body

This fund is now closed