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We all need some good news right now – and we’re happy to deliver it! The Rayners Special Educational Trust has announced that it has awarded three grants that will support children and young people with speech, language and communications needs (SLCN), hearing difficulties and Autism. Heart of Bucks, I CAN (the children’s communications charity) and The Communication Trust (a consortium of SLCN charities) will each receive £1 million.

With this generous grant, Heart of Bucks will be establishing a new endowment fund designed to provide timely and effective support to local Buckinghamshire charities and community groups.

I CAN’s funding will develop a range of projects including piloting an online speech and language therapy video service to reach families struggling to access services for their child and developing resources to support the 1 million children across the UK with Developmental Language Disorder.

Funds allocated to The Communication Trust will establish a three-year grant making programme for consortium members. All grants in this programme will support children and young people who struggle to communicate due to SLCN, hearing needs or autism.


Hugh Forsyth, Chairman of the Rayners Special Educational Trust said:

We are extremely pleased to award these three grants to well-deserving charities. The Rayners Special Educational Trust was set up to ensure that children and young people with language difficulties, hearing problems and Autism can access the help they need.  We are confident these grants will have a truly meaningful impact for thousands of children whose needs might otherwise have been overlooked.


Henry Allmand, Chief Executive of Heart of Bucks, added:

We are thrilled to establish a new fund in the Rayners Special Educational Trust’s name.  The grants we award from this funding will be based on our unique understanding of the needs of people across Buckinghamshire, and we will ensure that funding reaches those who need it most and can use it effectively.