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Project: Funding to allow the charity to meet the increasing needs of young people and families affected by the pandemic

Grant: £9,525

Fund: General Fund

One-Eighty is a psychology-focussed behaviour support charity enabling young people and families to live fulfilling healthy lives through intensive, outcome-driven and therapeutic approaches. Since it was founded in 2011, the charity has supported over 3,500 young people, families, and professionals through intensive interventions, group work and training courses.

At the start of the pandemic, it became quickly apparent to One-Eighty that it was essential for them to adapt its services to incorporate online services. In the build-up to the first lockdown, the charity sought to ascertain which online service would be suitable for their service users. They talked individually to each parent and carer to understand what technology was available to them to best plan their own service.

With support from Heart of Bucks, One-Eighty were able to continue to support their vulnerable young service users online during the 2nd national lockdown. The charity purchased laptops, mobile phones, computer software packages to enable online learning, and a Zoom package which meant they were able to provide bespoke support to all of their service users who needed it. In addition to this support, the charity was able to provide 62 additional sessions to children facing mental health issues across Buckinghamshire.

How can One-Eighty help?

Sarah* was referred to One-Eighty as she struggled to form close relationships with her peers and was struggling with disruptive behaviour in school and created conflicts in the playground. The charity quickly concluded that Sarah was struggling to regulate her emotions. Therefore, the charity based their work on introducing supportive strategies for different emotions to help build an understanding of which strategy to use in different situations. They worked with Sarah on conflict resolution and also gave guidance to her parents on how to continue the support at home. Sarah’s support is ongoing, however, since returning to school, she has begun to reconcile with her peers and has begun to form meaningful relationships with them.

*name changed

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