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Project: Creating emergency COVID-19 grab-bags, complete with useful information on the virus, for vulnerable seniors
Grant: £1,200
Fund: NET Coronavirus Appeal (more info)

The team at Medi SOS are working in collaboration with the South Central Ambulance Service to create emergency COVID-19 grab-bags to post out to seniors. With a grant of £1,200 from the NET Coronavirus Appeal, the team estimate they can make approximately a further 1,200 bags to send out to the elderly at this difficult time.

The grab-bags are information packs designed to speed up the process of identification and diagnosis for emergency responders attending to assist elderly individuals. Each bag contains important information on the coronavirus, an ID form for the individual to complete (including details of their prescribed medication), a Medi SOS window sticker to alert paramedics that the individual has a pack with all their information, and a Medi SOS fridge magnet onto which the individual can write where their pack is stored. The bag itself is conveniently sized for storing essential belongings should the individual need to go into hospital, too (for example, glasses, wallet, medication, etc).

The grab-bags are supplied free of charge to individuals (not available to receive in bulk) and can be ordered by filling in a simple form on the Medi SOS website. The aim of the bags is to help alleviate the stress and trauma of an emergency hospital visit for the elderly individual and to assist with the communication problems that often occur when in transit from home to A&E in an emergency.

As of 14th April 2020, over 120 Medi SOS COVID-19 grab-bags have been posted out into the community, along with a further 50 to local sheltered housing groups. Medi SOS are also in conversation with a housing group which would like to arrange distribution to their vulnerable residents.