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Heart of Bucks recently conducted a significant match-funding campaign that generated remarkable results. With a generous £500,000 contribution from an anonymous donor, the charity was able to raise an additional £500,000 through donations from other supporters. We explain the significant benefits of this campaign and how it has empowered Heart of Bucks to make an even greater difference in the county.

Doubling our funding for charities and community groups

Heart of Bucks’ match-funding campaign effectively doubled the impact of donations received so the total pool of funds available for grant-making reached an incredible £1,000,000. This substantial increase in available funds has enabled Heart of Bucks to provide even more extensive financial support to local charities and community groups throughout Buckinghamshire. This has empowered local recipients of funding to expand their activity, reach more beneficiaries, and address pressing community needs with greater efficacy.

Inspiring community engagement

The match-funding campaign created a powerful ripple effect, inspiring individuals and businesses within Buckinghamshire to get involved and contribute to the cause. A total of 53 different donations were made thanks to the match-funding, ranging in value from £200 to £100,000.  The multiplier effect of match funding generated a great response from our community of local donors and philanthropists.  This heightened sense of community engagement and collective responsibility has fostered a stronger philanthropic spirit within Buckinghamshire, making a tremendous impact on the region’s charitable landscape.

Leveraging collaborative partnerships

The success of the match-funding campaign has not only strengthened Heart of Bucks’ relationship with individual donors but also forged new and valuable partnerships. For example, local businesses contributed over £64,000 through the campaign and our ‘Capacity Fund for Financial Insecurity’ was matched by three local charitable trusts.  By engaging with businesses, trusts, the public sector, and community groups, Heart of Bucks has been able to establish collaborative arrangements aimed at maximising resources and expertise. These partnerships contribute to a more holistic approach in addressing community challenges and ensure a sustainable impact for years to come.

Empowering future initiatives

The success of this match-funding campaign positions Heart of Bucks to continue our impactful work and inspire further philanthropy in Buckinghamshire. The increased funding and heightened community involvement provide a solid foundation for future initiatives, allowing our Foundation to tackle emerging challenges, support innovative projects, and respond effectively to the evolving needs of the county’s residents, particularly at this difficult time financially.

The match-funding offer has now expired, and all funds have been allocated – we hope other local philanthropists will consider working with us in partnership on future match-funding initiatives to increase the value and impact of giving in Buckinghamshire. | 01296 330134