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We are delighted to share the news that the Julian Budd Kids in Sport Trust has transferred to Heart of Bucks.

Kids in Sport was founded in 2008 by Roger Budd and his wife Pamela in memory of their son Julian, who had suddenly passed away overnight from a rare throat virus.

Julian was a keen sportsman and the aim of the charity was to fund local organisations offering sporting activities for children with additional needs or financial barriers which may prevent them from taking part.

The charity was entirely run by volunteers and this year Roger and his fellow trustees made the decision to close the charity and transfer the remaining funds to Heart of Bucks in order to continue the work they started.

After ten successful years as a small charity helping local disadvantaged youngsters, Heart of Bucks was an ideal destination for us to hand over our charitable baton to. We also feel our funds are in safe hands.

They guided us through the transition period and are very responsive to our original charitable aims and objectives for which we are very grateful.

– Roger Budd, Chairman & Founder Kids in Sport

The Charity Commission acknowledges that community foundations have a reputation for the effective management of charitable funds in order to maximise their impact at local level. This trust transfer will enable the legacy Roger started to continue on.

Heart of Bucks have just started awarding the first grants from the fund since the transfer took place and look forward to seeing the difference this funding will make to local organisations.