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There are at least 100 businesses in Buckinghamshire celebrating a significant anniversary this year – are you one of them? Why not support Heart of Bucks to mark the occasion and make a difference locally?

Whether it is 10 years, 25, 50 or more, as your local community foundation, Heart of Bucks is positioned as the custodian of choice for organisations that want to ensure their charitable giving is effective and helping those most in need in our county.

Each organisation we support is assessed by our grants team and provides a detailed application on how their grant is going to be spent. Amongst the hundreds of charities and community groups we work with, many smaller organisations are doing vital (but largely unpublicised) work requiring funding.

In addition to funding non-profit organisations, our crisis funds help individuals in need of short term help, such as those living in fuel poverty and struggling to keep warm this winter or to restore stability to vulnerable families.

There are numerous ways your company can mark the special occasion, including:

  • Making a donation
  • Fundraising activities by your staff team (which you could also choose to match fund). This could incorporate team-building activities and fundraisers such as ‘Win an extra day’s holiday’ competition or a sponsored ‘Swap with the CEO for the day’
  • Donating a percentage of your sales of a particular item or service. See example here.
  • Using an anniversary event to raise funds in a fun way, such as stand-up bingo or bring your pet to work day,

By supporting Heart of Bucks you would be part of our Community Investor initiative which highlights the proactive CSR of local organisations through our website and social media channels.

If you would like to find out more or speak with a member of the team, please contact us at: or call 01296 330134