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Project: Accessible raised beds
Grant: £4,258
Fund: Donor-advised

Pitstone Allotments are made up of 73 plots which have been fully occupied and with a waiting list since opening in 2010.

The management committee had noticed that they were occasionally losing some of their more senior members who had decided to give up gardening when the plot had become too much for them to maintain.

They published an article in the parish post to see if there was any interest in smaller raised beds and had a good response, both from less-abled people as well disabled people.

They received a grant of £4,258 towards materials and, utilising space from their overly large car park, they built eight raised beds for wheelchair users and those who may have difficulty bending down.

“By having the option of smaller raised bed plots, we will be able to offer many people the chance to continue gardening.” – John Lowe, committee member

The new raised beds are now being put to good use by keen gardeners who had previously not been able to enjoy the pleasure of gardening or may have had to give up the hobby as a traditional plot became a bit too much to manage.