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Project: ‘Toad on the road’ production
Grant: £875
Fund: HoB general

‘Toad on the Road’ is an adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s ‘Wind in the Willows’ which takes children with disabilities and their families on a journey of fun and discovery. Head2Head Theatre carried out a 36-day tour of the production across special schools in London and the South East during the school holidays, enabling local families to experience theatre in a fun and accessible way.

Head2Head Theatre were awarded a grant of £875 to help fund a two-day tour at Booker Park School in Aylesbury, enabling them to provide a relaxed, sensory introduction to theatre.

The theatre sessions included an interactive walkabout performance of Toad on the Road, a visit to the sensory tent and additional games and craft activities, followed by a relaxed picnic at lunchtime. In addition to providing a fun activity, the sessions also encouraged interaction between families in turn helping to extend their support networks.

A local student with learning difficulties was also given the chance to rehearse and perform with the professional acting team as a volunteer actor over the two days. This provided mentoring and guidance to the student in social and drama skills and enabled her to gain valuable work experience.


Cameron* comes alive when he attends the shows, he loves getting involved, dressing up, dancing to the music and communicating with people who understand him. He is given the time he needs to take part and the fact it’s interactive and you move around is an absolute bonus as he doesn’t get bored!

As well as being engaged on the day, Cameron will re-enact parts of the production once he’s home. He has a real passion for acting and by attending Head2Head he is able to express that. Unfortunately for someone who has little communication there isn’t many groups he can attend but Head2Head Theatre gives him that opportunity.

– Family feedback

*name changed