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Project: Steelpan music workshops
Grant: £4,800
Fund: HoB General

This grant was used to purchase additional instruments to enable young people in High Wycombe to take part in steel-pan music workshops. The project aimed to reach those who face barriers to music-making and prevents them from participating (ie by being inaccessible or unaffordable).

“This grant has allowed us to extend our work into the community, reaching out to many children and young people. We have been able to increase their skills and confidence as well as their physical well being with this healthy activity. Many of those did not have the opportunity to take part until now, thanks to the extra instruments provided.”

“For many, the benefits of having space to explore and develop their creativity has been evident, shown through their progressive playing and knowledge of music. As well as having a lively fun experience it has been inspiring, not only for the young people but for those teaching and supervising too.” Jacqueline Roberts, CEO

This project has the capacity to help change lives and strengthen communities by bringing people together. The workshops help to improve confidence, encourage discipline, develop teamwork, and create pride and a sense of purpose whilst achieving skills and recognition.


Jack is 12 years old and has autism. Since joining SV2G to learn to play the steelpan, his progression has been noticed by tutors, supervisors and his parents.

Jack was a very shy person when he first arrived but his concentration, confidence and social skills are improving. His ability to retain the notes to play has been ahead of a number of the young people in his class and SV2G will soon be working on more music theory with him.

His parents have commented on how eager he is to attend the weekly sessions with SV2G.