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Project: Two lane practice nets
Grant: £5,000
Fund: Bucks Masonic

Hawridge & Cholesbury Cricket Club were looking to upgrade their existing and ageing single-lane outdoor practice net with a modern, safe two-lane version.

Their Colts (junior) cricket has grown rapidly and last year they had over 70 juniors, from the age of six upwards, turning up for practice. This growth stretched their available resources to breaking point and they could not always guarantee Colts a turn in the practice net.

The new nets have doubled the practice capacity and improved the condition of the playing surface, enabling all colts to have a full and meaningful practice evening.

Immediately after the new practice nets became available for use, several fathers and sons started making time to hold their own practice sessions. This new found enthusiasm has also resulted in some fathers making themselves available to play senior cricket for the club.

Our Heart of Bucks grant proved to be the catalyst for this project, for without it, the goal seemed too big to tackle. – Brian Ralphs, former Chairman