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Project: Buckinghamshire Young Carers Fix project 
Grant: £5,000
Fund: Youthbank & HoB General

Fixers identified a group of 11 young carers based in the Aylesbury area, to lead on this life-changing project; young carers are a very isolated group who don’t often get an opportunity to speak out and raise awareness. The project gave the young people a platform to tell their stories and campaign for change within their community and beyond.

During the project, the young people chose to create a powerful film which shows a dramatized version of the day of a young carer.

I’m very pleased with how the film turned out. We wanted to show what it’s like being a young carer and how it would be nice if our efforts were recognised by professionals, which could make our lives a little easier. I would like to thank Fixers for giving us this opportunity. It gave us all something else to focus on and tell the story of young carers. – Kira, Lead Fixer

The young people worked with a mentor who helped bring the group together, and work through their ideas of what needs to be changed for young carers, and who needed to hear the message. The group worked together to plan a project resource and launch event that would begin driving the story into the community.

The film was premiered on young carers awareness day to an audience of over 50 people from local schools and colleges and received resoundingly positive feedback in the community.

Feedback from audience members at the launch event included:

It had me thinking about the things that people go through. It’s so important to ask how people are doing and checking up on them when we know things are tough. – Junie

Really moving and inspiring, made me think more about the things young carers go through.
– Zara

By telling their story, the young fixers have started to raise awareness and educate people on the needs of young carers, in order to pave the way a brighter future for others.

The film, along with the young people’s story, can be viewed here