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Project: Equipment for new scout group
Grant: £3,993
Fund: Rectory Homes & HoB General

We’re delighted to update you on the grant that we have been able to make available to 1st Berryfields Scout Group, partly funded from our Rectory Homes Fund

1st Berryfields Scout Group – what they bought:

  • Trailer tents x5
  • Dining shelters x3
  • Silva ranger compass
  • Dutch ovens and equipment
  • Gas burco

What difference has the grant made?

“Without the extra equipment that we purchased with the grant money, we would not have had enough tents, equipment and means of transporting it all to the campsites, to have the whole group camp together. We have 71 children in the groups and it is so important to us to do group activities as it gives the children the opportunity to share their experiences of scouting and to support one another. Group camps really do help our children to gain confidence and independence by participating with a wider group of people and learn new skills from others.

Our work will definitely continue as the group continues to grow. We now have 26 beaver scouts, 29 cubs and 16 scouts and we are continually looking at ways we can offer the very best scouting experience for them. With the amazing equipment we have now purchased, thanks to the generosity of Heart of Bucks funding we will continue to take our children on a wide variety of outdoor activities ,where they can learn lifelong skills, including confidence building, teamwork skills, how to respect their equipment and other members.

We are extremely thankful of all the opportunities that Heart of Bucks has given us in such a short space of time, and in such a generous manner. Our children, leaders and parents continue to enjoy the equipment that you have enabled us to purchase and our scout group continues to grow. Without your support we would not have been the success we have been so far. It is fair to say that without the two grants that you have given to us we would not have grown so quickly and been able to offer the children the opportunities that the equipment has provided to us. Without the new scout troop we would have lost out older children to other groups but we now have a small confident troop with skilled leaders to move them forward over the coming years.”

A lovely story of how local funding for community groups in Buckinghamshire really makes a difference to young people in our area. Our supporters at Rectory Homes as well as our other donors around the county make this possible. If you’d like to know more about grants available, please get in touch with our team.