In Grant Funds

Heart of Bucks is delighted to be working in partnership with Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) and Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust to launch this new health initiative. This fund will support not-for-profit groups to develop and deliver innovative and creative solutions to improve cancer outcomes, particularly for groups that traditionally have poorer health outcomes. This is a great opportunity for local grassroots organisations who really know their communities to demonstrate how important they can be in improving public health for all.

Projects are not required, or expected to be the “finished article”. Creativity and innovation is encouraged and the funders are keen that projects should provide a learning experience, leading to a better understanding about the way in which the expertise of local groups can achieve deeper reach into underrepresented communities.

Longer term, our aim is that the learning from this project can be applied across many other areas of the CCG’s work to improve health outcomes for all.


Because this fund is quite different from our other funds, we strongly recommend you read the guidance document, where you will find more information about the aims of this fund, about the support available to you from BCCG and examples of the type of projects we are looking for.


Grants available:

Grants will be available from £1,000 to £7,500. We hope to see a range of project sizes and very much encourage the small scale grassroots projects to apply. Size is no indicator of success in this initiative!

Fund criteria:

The target areas for this project are Central Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Chesham.

The communities we particularly wish to reach are:

– Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities
– Homeless people
– Gypsy, Romany, Traveller communities
– Refugees and Asylum Seekers
– People with learning disabilities
– People with long-term mental illness

What we can fund:

– Capital expenditure, such as equipment and building modifications
– Project costs associated with new, or the enhancement of existing, initiatives
– Core costs, including staff salaries

What we cannot fund:

Our standard exclusions apply to this fund. There are further details in the guidance document.


Projects should anticipate delivering within 6-12 months.

How to apply:

Please complete this application form.


Decisions made by Heart of Bucks are final and there is no right of appeal. Heart of Bucks reserves the right to refuse applications for any reason, and not to share details with the applicant. Where criminal activity is suspected, Heart of Bucks will co-operate with law enforcement officials to the fullest extent required by law to identify and tackle this.