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Project: Funding for online therapy sessions and listening ear services for people in crisis

Grant: £500

Fund: General Fund

Hector’s House was set up in memory of Hector Stringer who sadly took his own life at the age of just 18. Their mission is to prevent suicide by ensuring everyone has access to mental health services, and to increase awareness by encouraging people to talk openly about their feelings. They provide education and support services throughout Bucks, both online and in person.

A crucial part of the services Hector’s House offer is free psychotherapy sessions and listening ear services to extremely vulnerable people. These sessions are life-saving and the demand for such sessions has continuously risen each year. Undeniably the COVID pandemic has further impacted this rise, having had a huge effect on mental health.

With the funding from Heart of Bucks, Hector’s House have been able to continue to offer their support to a large number of people directly through their therapy sessions, including people who were at crisis point. The sessions offer a non-judgmental space for anyone who is struggling to air their feelings, and allows the team to validate them, hold them in unconditional positive regard and support them with practical and emotional steps to better their well-being.

They have also helped countless other people who were concerned about a loved one during the pandemic. Further to that, they have raised awareness of all their services, helplines and advice to a wider audience, and kept up with the continuous demand for mental health services in the area. Their services saved lives during the pandemic.

How did they help?

JD* approached Hector’s House after attempting to take their own life in late 2021. The charity were able to provide them with eight free, life-saving weekly therapy sessions thanks to this funding. Since then, ‘JD’ is still alive today and continues to receive support. Hector’s House believe this would not have been possible without the therapy sessions this funding enabled.

*name changed

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