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Friendly Bombs Theatre Company celebrated their 20th anniversary at St Peter’s Church, Burnham on 27th June, 2018. Heart of Bucks supported the group to organise theatre workshops for adults with learning difficulties last year. Councillor Paul Sherriff and Mahuya Kanjilal attended the event representing Heart of Bucks.

Friendly Bombs Theatre Company is a local group who work with adults with learning difficulties to increase confidence, build social skills and the ability to express themselves as an individual and part of a group through the medium of theatre.

It was very lively event and attended by their supporters, funders and friends. Richard and Ted from the theatre company shared their story of how they started in 1998 and performed their first production of Brecht’s famous ‘The Chalk Circle’. After that each year they produced a new theatre, performed on several occasions winning prestigious awards. On that very evening members performed parts from ‘The Chalk circle’ and ‘Lord of flies’. They also demonstrated their makeup skills learned from workshops recently.

It was an absolute delight to witness of all abilities performing together and celebrating the aim of the group in the same way for 20 long years.

– Mahuya Kanjilal, Community Development Advisor