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Do you want to give Afghan Refugees in Buckinghamshire a Helping Hand?
Please donate to our emergency appeal today.

The situation for those aided by the British Government to flee Afghanistan is perilous and the outlook is challenging. With many families forced to flee their homes and seek safe refuge in Britain, we are working in close partnership with Buckinghamshire Council to ensure that charitable donations from the generous residents in Buckinghamshire are used to provide emergency and long-term support direct to the refugees sheltered in our wonderful county.

Heart of Bucks are working with Buckinghamshire Council to coordinate the collection of donations from across our communities to support newly arrived refugees.

The funds will support vulnerable households who have been aided by the British Government to flee the conflict in Afghanistan, and have been given shelter in Buckinghamshire. Initially we will use donations to support people with daily essentials that they were unable to bring with them, and in the longer term to support their resettlement and integration into society. We may also make small grants to local charities supporting Afghan refugees.

If you would like to contact Heart of Bucks about your donation, please email

To offer non-financial support or assistance, please contact Buckinghamshire Council directly using this form.

We are grateful for your support in this desperate time.

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