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Project: Bike and scooter storage faciliy

Green Schools Fund: £5,675

Dropmore Infant School is a small school that has been educating local children for over 200 years. Funding was used to buy a covered bike and scooter storage facility to support the cycle/scoot to school scheme. The storage can hold ten bikes and ten scooters as well as space for some benches which allow children to store muddy boots and sit down to change into their school shoes.

The bike and scooter storage has made a big difference. It has greatly increased the number of children regularly scooting or cycling to school. This not only has environmental and health benefits, but because Dropmore School hasn’t any parking it reduces the number of cars parked outside the school for the school run. This has a beneficial impact on the local community and to cars who drive down Dropmore Road.

The facility is used by different people daily and a significant portion of the school have made use of it already. In addition to benefitting those using the facility, there is also a benefit to the parents as they no longer need to carry bikes and scooters home and back and to siblings who can join in cycling and scooting.

Case Study

One parent with a child at the school has changed their commute since the bike and scooter storage was introduced. Instead of driving all the way to school and parking directly outside, contributing to the congestion on the roads, they now drive part way and complete their journey on a scooter. Both parent and child are benefitting from the additional exercise and the wider community is benefitting from the reduction in cars parked outside the school.

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