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Does your charity’s space need a makeover? We know it can be hard to access grants for much-needed, but less appealing capital projects such as refurbishing toilets, re-laying a floor, making sure your hall is truly accessible or going green with eco-friendly lighting, solar panels etc. But did you know that we can make interest-free Social Investment Loans to help with the upfront costs of projects such as these?

In 2022, Waddesdon Cricket Club approached us for support with a refurbishment project. They told us the club had grown significantly over the past 10 years and the existing toilet facilities were no longer adequate to cope with the number of people who attended the club. In particular, they wanted to provide additional toilets for the increasing number of female players taking up the sport, as well as providing accessible toilets and baby changing facilities.

They were also keen to install a new artificial pitch to enable their growing junior teams to participate in local leagues, benefiting from the experience of competitive matches.

Heart of Bucks was pleased to be able to help fund this upgrade, which has provided vastly improved facilities for the club members and visitors alike, and much sooner than if the club had needed to fundraise for the whole amount upfront.

If you are looking to make similar changes or would like to find out more about our Social Investment Loans please click here. Our funding team are also happy to talk through any projects or ideas with you and can be contacted by emailing or calling 01296 330134.