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This fund is now closed. The information below is for reference only

Grants available: Up to £5,000
Fund size: £35,000

Who can apply?

Voluntary and community groups, formally constituted and working for the benefit of Buckinghamshire residents.


The key theme of this grant fund is ‘Local People in Need’. As such, applications for funding must meet both of the following criteria;

  1. Projects/activities which provide a demonstrable and direct benefit for local people
  2. Projects/activities which relate to the impact category of either ‘Community Cohesion’ or ‘Isolation & Disadvantage’


Priority will be given to projects/activities where the grant would either;

  • Fund the total cost of the project/activity OR
  • Fund a clearly defined aspect of a larger project/activity


  • Wholly capital projects

Please note that we can accept applications for funding which include some capital costs, however these must be minimal in size and proportionate to the aims of the project/activity, i.e. small equipment, tools, etc.

How to apply:

Applications are closed.