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Project: Playground, Wellbeing Facility, and The Glebe Café, Coffee Shop

General Fund: £5,000

Ashley Green is a small community that was particularly affected by the isolation and mental health aspects of the pandemic, affecting both the youngest and oldest in the community. It was identified that the village had no natural community hub and that there was no where for children to play as the original playground had become derelict and condemned.

The Ashley Green & District Community Association saw the opportunity to seek various funding to create a new community hub, transforming the derelict children’s playground into a fully accessible adventure playground and wellbeing facility. They would also create a high quality coffee kiosk with a large outdoor seating terrace, creating the The Glebe Café Coffee Shop. With funding from Heart of Bucks, the group were able to include a toddler hill in the playground area.

To start, the group removed the derelict playground and cleared trees and shrubbery from the area.  A new base was laid and sleepers installed for the terrace space. The foundations for the terrace where filled with hardcore, some even supplied by the villagers. Next they began building the coffee kiosk and outside toilet, whilst delivery of items for the playground (including our toddler hill!) took place. Safety resin was applied to the ground of the playground, and the terrace and pathways were completed. Lastly, the new coffee kiosk was decorated and the toilet installed in the new building.

The project had a huge impact and benefit to the village right from the start, with the whole community coming together from the build. Many villagers volunteered their time and labour to help. Now complete, visitors of all ages come from near and far to enjoy the playground and The Glebe Café coffee shop. The original playground rarely saw use by children in the village, now they are here in large numbers, every day. With this, the village heart has been rebuilt and the area is now a vibrant hub in constant use.

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