Applying for a grant

Heart of Bucks supports charities and community groups in Buckinghamshire whose work benefits local people. We award grants of up £5,000 to a broad range of causes and welcome applications from both new and established groups.

We have a variety of funds for you to be considered for when applying for a grant, these support a wide range of needs and areas throughout Buckinghamshire.

The majority of our funds can be applied for through our general grants application process. We also manage a range of other grants programmes with their own priorities, criteria and closing dates.

If you are interested in applying for a grant please first check whether your organisation is eligible by clicking ‘Who can apply?’ at the bottom of this page.

We are always open for general grant applications, in addition to this we are currently calling for applications that address one of the following themes:

– The development and early years education of children in High Wycombe.
– Improving future opportunities and aspirations of young people through education and training (grants of up to £10,000 available).

Specific grant programmes:

The following specific grant programmes are also currently open:

Youth Social Action Fund

– The South Bucks Fund

Youth Bank

Rectory Homes Fund


For more information on a specific grant programme, please visit the Grant Funds page. Alternatively, for information on other funding opportunities, please click here.

If you need any extra support or have any questions about our application process please contact one of our Grants Officers at or 01296 330134.