Peter Costello

Chief Executive

Peter has now left Heart of Bucks and we are currently recruiting for his replacement.

Carolyn Clarke

Operations Manager

Carolyn came to Heart of Bucks in 2017 bringing a broad range of experience of charity and public sector management and governance in a range of areas including homelessness, drug and alcohol recovery, community forums, older people’s services and advocacy. Carolyn is responsible for our operations, HR and governance, ensuring that Heart of Bucks continues to deliver a great quality service to our donors, grant beneficiaries, board of trustees and supporters.

Catherine Miller

Grants & Loans Officer

Catherine has been a member of the Heart of Bucks funding team since 2004. As part of her role, Catherine manages our grant and loan programmes and supports local organisations during the application process to ensure their experience is as smooth as possible. Catherine has an extensive knowledge of funding available, both through our programmes and from other agencies.

Ashleigh Oswin

Finance Manager

Ashleigh oversees all aspects of our finances including handling day-to-day financial and accounting transactions, investment management and financial reporting. She works closely with the treasurer, finance committee and auditors to ensure compliance with relevant accounting and financial requirements.

Mahuya Kanjilal

Community Development Advisor

Mahuya has a background in social research and a wealth of experience working with local voluntary and community groups. Mahuya works with those applying for funding through consultations and actively encouraging applications, as well as supporting them in impact reporting. She is also involved in research projects to identify the local needs and hidden gaps in services in Buckinghamshire. Mahuya is passionate to raise awareness on social issues through her research based documentary films and recently became a Trustee for a local group working with vulnerable women.

Lauren Taylor

Marketing & Communications Officer

Lauren is responsible for the design and creation of our digital and printed content including leaflets, publications and videos. She also works closely with the rest of the team to share the impact of our funding with the wider community and with our fundholders, as well as overseeing all website and social media updates. Together with Carolyn, Lauren assists with the coordination of events, including our annual golf day. Lauren is also a trustee for a North Bucks-based charity that supports vulnerable people.

Richard Miller

Grant Programmes Administrator

Richard has previous experience of working in the emergency services and armed forces, both of which have provided him with a wide range of skills. As part of his role, Richard handles funding applications and carries out crucial due diligence checks, supporting the applicant throughout the process. Richard is also responsible for processing end of grant monitoring, which is a key condition of our grant awards and enables organisations to be considered for future grants.


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