In Grant Funds

This fund has been set up as a result of a partnership between The Mulberry Trust, Buckinghamshire Council, Rothschild Foundation and Heart of Bucks. Grants will be one-off payments designed to assist charities and community groups in Buckinghamshire.  Applicants should be able to demonstrate they are structurally secure but face unexpected and unmanageable costs caused by inflationary and cost-of-living pressures. Applications relating to cost increases caused by other factors will not be eligible.

Grants available: up to £10,000

Who can apply?

Applications are invited from constituted, Bucks-based charitable/non-profit organisations which can demonstrate they:

  • Have been operating for at least 12 months
  • Have suffered significant increased operating costs caused by inflationary/ cost-of-living pressures, which they have not been able to manage in other ways.
  • Are a going concern (this can be demonstrated by providing a budget, cashflow forecast or project plan)
  • Work with the aim of reducing inequalities amongst residents in the county, particularly those living in disadvantaged areas.

In addition, the most recent set of accounts must show:

  • Annual, unrestricted income of no more than £500,000
  • Unrestricted, free reserves representing no more than six months annual expenditure

What can we apply for?

Applications for funding to support the organisation’s operating costs as a direct result of increases in these costs since October 2022 and expected increases in the next 12 months will be considered.

Funding is available to support operating costs, including one-off salary payments to help staff with cost of living pressures.  Incremental salary increases will not be considered.


Priority will be given to organisations whose work includes projects/activities within any of the wards listed below. If applicants work in any of these wards, please ensure it is mentioned within the application.

  • Aylesbury North, North West or South West
  • Chesham
  • West Wycombe
  • Booker, Cressex and Castlefield
  • Abbey
  • Terriers and Amersham Hill
  • Ryemead and Micklefield
  • Totteridge and Bowerdean

 What cannot be funded:

  • Organisations and/or projects operating solely outside of Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes
  • Organisations in receipt of more than £358,000 from public funding in a rolling three year period up to the date of this application
  • Activities promoting a particular religious or political belief
  • Overseas travel
  • Individuals
  • Statutory organisations
  • CICs limited by shares
  • Organisations whose principle concern is animal welfare
  • Relief of statutory responsibilities
  • Schools and private education organisations
  • Retrospective funding (incurred prior to October 2022)
  • Service expansion/development/new programmes unless this relates specifically to helping reduce disparity and improving outcomes for residents within the ten priority wards listed above
  • Project specific funding

 Required documents:

  • Governing document
  • Evidence of increasing costs since October 22
  • Most recent set of annual accounts
  • Budget/cash flow forecast/project plan
  • Bank statement for organisation dated within the last 3 months

How to apply

Please complete this application form. The application period will close on 31st December, or when the funds are depleted if that is sooner..

You will receive a decision within six weeks of submitting the application. Expenditure should be within 12 months of the award