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Bucks Coronavirus Stabilisation Fund

The Bucks Coronavirus Response Appeal was initially set up to fund groups providing services and support to the local community as part of the emergency response to COVID-19.

This was complemented by funds from the National Emergencies Trust which ran alongside our local appeal and also focused on funding emergency response activity.

With the easing of the lockdown, and with organisations taking the first steps to return to a “new normal” way of working, we are now expanding our funding offer to enable not-for-profit organisations, hard hit by the impact of the pandemic, to start to stabilise their financial and operational position and move towards recovery.

Heart of Bucks continues to generate funds through the Bucks Coronavirus Stabilisation Fund, but are also delighted to be the local distribution partner for funding from a number of other funders including the National Emergencies Trust (NET), the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), the National Lottery Community Fund, Barclays and Sport England, via local partners LEAP and Anglian Water.


Grants available

Up to £10,000

If you are looking for funding up to £25,000 you may also wish to apply for our Loan Funding. You can find further details here.


Who can apply?

Not-for-profit organisations who work for the benefit of Buckinghamshire residents (excluding Milton Keynes). If you received funding from our Bucks Coronavirus Response Appeal, you are still able to apply for this funding.

Town and Parish Councils or Community Boards may be considered as part of wider strategic initiatives on a case by case basis in discussion with the Grants Team.

Priority will be given to organisations who are reaching those at greatest risk of negative social, health or economic impact and/or who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, including BAME communities, refugees and asylum seekers, the LGBTQ+ community, people with long term conditions, those with mental health challenges or people with other disabilities (this list is not intended to be exclusive).



We will continue to make grants for immediate relief, particularly in local communities which experience a return to lockdown as a result of a spike in infections. However, grants can now also be awarded to:

–              Replace lost income
–              Support organisations to adapt to the crisis
–              Prevent problems emerging or getting worse
–              Support organisations for a longer period of time

If you need help to make plans for your recovery, there are some excellent resources provided by Charity Excellence here.


How to apply

This fund is a little different to our other funds, so please take a minute to read through our guidance document for further information about the priorities for this fund and its terms and conditions before starting your application.

Applications will be considered frequently while funds remain, so there are no specific application deadlines for this fund.

To apply for these funds, please complete the application form.


Terms and conditions and privacy notice

The terms and conditions and privacy notice for this Fund are more complex than our usual funds, in part because the fund includes monies from a number of different external funders which we have brought together in one fund to make the application process simpler for you.

The terms are set out in full in the application form, but we recommend that you read the terms and conditions and also read our privacy notice before starting your application to ensure you are able to comply with the conditions of the award.


Decisions made by Heart of Bucks are final and there is no right of appeal. Heart of Bucks reserves the right to refuse applications for any reason, and not to share details with the applicant. Where criminal activity is suspected, Heart of Bucks will co-operate with law enforcement officials to the fullest extent required by law to identify and tackle this.


Not eligible for these funds?

Have a look at our Local Coronavirus Resource Directory for details of other local funds and help available.