In Grant Funds

Heart of Bucks has funds generated from its own Bucks Coronavirus Response Appeal, as well as the National Emergencies Trust (NET) Coronavirus Appeal, to support charities in Buckinghamshire who are most affected and vulnerable at this time of crisis. The NET, working closely with the UK Community Foundation (UKCF) network, established a national fundraising appeal in March 2020 for the charitable relief for the vulnerable across the country. As a member organisation of UKCF, Heart of Bucks is the local distribution partner in Buckinghamshire for funds allocated to the county from this appeal.

Grants available: Up to £5,000

Who can apply

Not-for-profit organisations who work for the benefit of Buckinghamshire residents (excluding Milton Keynes) including town and parish councils.


Activities/projects which alleviate the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in Bucks and support those in our community who are most vulnerable. These must explicitly be for the benefit of one or more of the groups listed below.

– People aged over 70, or living in a care setting
– People with a weakened immune system or long-term health condition
– People with a mental health condition
– People who are isolated and with limited support networks
– People who are on a low or insecure income
– Volunteers assisting with the relief efforts in Bucks (including local ‘hubs’)
– Destitute refugees and asylum seekers staying in Bucks

Heart of Bucks reserves the right to amend the above list at any time, in light of new data or as a result of government/medical announcements, or as a result of requests from the NET or UKCF.

What we can fund

– The maximum grant size is £5,000
– Capital expenditure, such as new equipment
– Project costs associated with new, or the enhancement of existing, initiatives
– Core costs, where there is a clear link to increased workload as a result of the pandemic

What we will not fund

– Overseas travel
– Costs otherwise met by a statutory body
– Funds to be distributed to individuals
– Animal welfare
– Activity/needs that is focused outside of Buckinghamshire
– Any activity which Heart of Bucks deems in its absolute discretion to fall outside of the remit of this fund

How to apply

To apply for these funds, please complete the application form here.

The grant Terms & Conditions are embedded in the online application form, however you will need to submit a recent bank statement which shows your organisation’s account name and numbers. Not submitting this documentation will delay your application so we recommend having this available before you start your application.

Decisions made by Heart of Bucks are final and there is no right of appeal. Heart of Bucks reserves the right to refuse applications for any reason, and not to share details with the applicant. Where criminal activity is suspected, Heart of Bucks will co-operate with law enforcement officials to the fullest extent required by law to identify and tackle this.


Not eligible for these funds?

Have a look at our Local Coronavirus Resource Directory for details of other local funds and help available.