Funding provides valuable experiences for young carers

January 20, 2017 1:32 pm    

Carers Bucks is a charity that supports unpaid family carers. They were awarded funding last year from the Kop Hill Climb fund to use towards outings and activities for young carers.Young carers Christmas

These included an overnight trip to London to go sightseeing and to the theatre; a day trip to London for a girl’s self esteem group involving sightseeing and eating at a restaurant (that wasn’t McDonalds!); a Boost Group programme encouraging young carers to talk about their thoughts and feelings; and carers club nights involving crafts, activities and fun.

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These activities are valuable for providing positive experiences, encouraging friendships, reducing social isolation and perhaps most importantly the opportunity to have fun and make memories.

A story of change

This story relates to one of the young carers who participated in the London residential trip.

“K is 14 years old and cares for her mother who has significant mental health issues. There is only the two of them in the family household. When K was referred into the service she was assessed as having high support needs. She suffered with a substantial level of anxiety which had an impact on how she felt about her mother and resulted in her finding it very difficult to leave the house and her mother other than for school, which she can see from her home.

“It was thought that K might benefit from one-to-one work but when the Young Carers Support Worker suggested doing something nice together such as going for a coffee or to the cinema K did not feel able. The worker started with going for short walks with K in the locality and eventually into town. Slowly she became more willing to spend time away from her mother and came to the young carer’s office where she learnt more about her mother’s condition. Encouraged by the Support Worker, K then attended a club night and surprised everyone when she agreed to be a member of the group who were going to stay in London. This was the first night that K had ever spent away from home and her mother.

“Since the residential K’s confidence has grown further. She shared with her worker her love of performing and was supported to audition for a part in High School Musical at the Waterside Theatre. As a result she was offered a place in the Chorus and has since been given a speaking part. K is very excited about performing in January.

“K has undertaken a huge change in herself, her view on life and her relationship with her mother. The funding from this grant had a significant part to play in this. Thank you.”young carers trip

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