Why Bucks?

“The hardest place to be poor is a rich place”
– a volunteer at a Buckinghamshire foodbank

bucks map - support donationsThere are thousands of charities, Community Interest Companies and other community groups across the four districts of Buckinghamshire. Lots of these groups are well kept secrets, operating on a small scale but providing huge benefits to their service users.

These are the types of organisations we pride ourselves on being able to support. The success stories¬†featured on our news page offer a quick look at some of the organisations and projects we have awarded funding to, together with our donors. Or, if you’ve got more time on your hands, why not have a read of our Impact Report?


Buckinghamshire is the 3rd wealthiest county but…

-It’s a county of significant contrasts

-Its wealth camouflages real poverty and deprivation on our doorstep

-Life outcomes can significantly vary within just a few miles of where people live