Speech and language therapy for children with Down’s Syndrome

March 18, 2016 9:18 am    

Chattertots is a speech and language therapy group supporting children with Down’s Syndrome, helping them to communicate more effectively through the use of symbols and Makaton signing.

Heart of Bucks have recently provided funding to Chattertots specifically to cover staffing costs, enabling them to increase the number of therapy sessions they can offer. As a result, the number of children supported has increased and 1:1 sessions for children with more complex needs are now available.




In addition to this, the funding has allowed Chattertots to extend their therapy sessions by up to 50% and even offer some holiday sessions. Previously, the children had been experiencing long gaps in their therapy during the school holidays. Welbacktebarma . The regular, weekly sessions they are now able to provide help to reinforce learning and memory recall.




CT3To find out more about Chattertots please visit their website – www.chattertots.im

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