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March 22, 2017 9:07 pm  
Rectory Homes Fund

Rectory Homes Fund – helping local groups

Heart of Bucks works with donors and sponsors to support local charities and projects that are often close to their heart. The Rectory Homes Fund donated by Rectory Homes is committed to contributing to local causes, often through the Heart of Bucks foundation. Simon Vickers, Chairman and Founder of Rectory Homes, says:

‘As a developer we are obliged in most situations to provide a capital sum of money that goes towards local infrastructure and services but we work hard to provide a further boost to Community services and charitable organisations that perhaps do not receive enough – or indeed anything – from these funding sources. There are many deserving causes. For the most part in Buckinghamshire we work in conjunction with the Heart of Bucks Foundation through their excellent selection process…”

The Oasis Partnership

The Rectory Homes fund offers grants of up to £5,000 twice a year to charitable voluntary and community groups in Buckinghamshire. Here’s an overview of one group their money supports.

The Oasis Partnership transforms individual lives and the life of our community. In their own words, they tell us their story.

What was the situation or need that your group was seeking to transform?

“Our ultimate aim is to enable service users to become free from their dependence on substances, to make a full recovery and put their lives back on a meaningful course. The Pathways to employment program aims to provide clients with the skills and experience to gain and sustain employment. For some this is about education – basic skills and literacy, for others it is about training and upskilling and for some, it is about key job searching activities.

The program helps service users wherever they are on their journey so they can advance whilst they are receiving treatment. The money pays for staff to work with the individuals on a 1-2- 1 basis, provides a group program, supports the individual with volunteering/work experience placements and provides courses. We work with the individual when other agencies won’t – because of the presence of substances in the client’s life.

By doing this we are shortening the journey to meaningful lives. By supporting the clients whilst in treatment there is less of a gap at the end of treatment to whatever comes next. This is a gap where many service users lose their way, not sure what to do next or how to go about achieving it. We encourage service users during treatment to think about what comes next and work towards it, so once well into recovery it feels very achievable and realistic.”

What outcomes have you seen so far? How is it helping to transform individual lives or the life of your community?

“To date we have worked with 256 clients. Each client has a bespoke plan depending on their circumstances and needs:

We have provided the following courses:

  • Health and Social care level 3&4
  • Basic IT literacy
  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Photography – Empowering People
  • Mindfulness and building confidence
  • Managing Stress

In groups we have covered the following topics:

  • Benefits
  • Qualifications, Barriers to work
  • Volunteering
  • Transferable skills
  • Time Management
  • Work life balance and priorities
  • Hope trees
  • Strengths and Weaknesses, positive thinking, self-confidence
  • Life challenges, motivation, dreams and ambitions
  • Problem solving

24 Volunteers have gone on to achieve and sustain paid employment.”

What difference is this grant/loan making to your organisation?

“The grant provides stability; so that we can ensure that the support is consistent. Service users can rely on their appointments and the help and advice. It is a secure addition to the service offer. Treatment service workers are confident to make referrals to the program because they are familiar with the Pathway to Employment worker, the activities and courses they provide and the outcomes their clients achieve.”

Which other community groups in Buckinghamshire are you working with?

“We work with Community Impact Bucks; referring into the Volunteer network. Likewise, we have assisted our service users to apply for posts with SMART, YES and charity shops. We have worked with clients from Paradigm housing who have not been in our core service. We refer clients to CAB, Connections for support around matters beyond our expertise. We work very closely with the JCP and Work program providers. We have provided 6 work experience placements to Work Program clients who are not our core clients.

Oasis has a fundraising plan and all grants and donations are used to support the development of the Recovery Network. Receiving such grants allows us to offer sustainable support which our service users say they appreciate.”

Making a difference

At Oasis, the growing recovery network is making a difference to many peoples lives. They have been able to fund new positions within the recovery network that are really making a difference to service user engagement, providing a visual and supportive recovery ethos which is spreading. The new recovery champion roles enable Oasis to be innovative in how they provide and develop services.

Are you a charity or a community group? Click here to find out how you can apply for a Rectory Homes Grant to help your organisation achieve its goals in 2017.

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