Meet Ember, a medical alert assistance dog

May 26, 2016 9:39 am    

This is Ember. She’s a medical alert assistance dog and has been trained to alert her client to any life threatening blood sugar changes.

Ember - medical alert assistance dog

Ember’s client has Brittle Type 1 Diabetes and Ember has been trained to alert to any blood sugar changes which may lead to hospitalisation or paramedic call out.

Ember is currently continuing her advance training but she is able to spot many of her client’s hypos. A dog’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive and efficient and it is through odour recognition training that they are able to detect changes in blood sugar levels.

Medical Detection Dogs are a charity that do not receive any government funding. Here at Heart of Bucks, together with Esri UK, we are proud to have been able to help train Ember and support this partnership.

Ember goes with her client to attend hospital appointments and loves having visitors around when she is at home. Ember’s favourite game is playing ball in the park, she also enjoys helping her client with the chickens. Like all Labrador type breeds Ember loves her food and enjoys the food rewards she gets as part of her training. Ember continues to show her positive attitude and happy disposition – and her client can’t imagine life without her.

Esri UK have a charitable fund which has been managed by Heart of Bucks since 2013. The driving force behind their fund is to support local charities close to their head office in Aylesbury, as well as their other offices across the UK. Every year they invite members of staff to debate and vote on where the funds should be awarded. This is one of the numerous ways that Esri UK are able to achieve their CSR objectives, promoting both a healthy work life and a community driven organisation.

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