Heart of Bucks Impact Stories – Haddenham Art Group receives a grant of £1,395

April 2, 2017 10:19 pm  
Rectory Homes Fund

Rectory Homes Fund

Our Rectory Homes Fund provided support and assistance to the Haddenham Art Group to help them run an art exhibition. Having spent less than was awarded they were also able to include a colouring competition in 16 independent living schemes. 

What difference has a Rectory Homes Fund grant made?

The Haddenham art group members loved the experience of the art exhibition. The whole group were on a ‘high’ after the exhibition,  and the people who attended had written marvellous and encouraging words in the visitor’s book. People of different ages and from all walks of life came to the exhibition and commented on how professional it was. The organisers felt there was a real community spirit which lasted for everyone long after the exhibition ended. An added bonus was an official visit from the Mayor of Aylesbury. The colouring competition introduced many people to adult colouring. It seems that although many people sat in groups and coloured, lots more sat and coloured at home on their own. Several participants said that they found it both relaxing and therapeutic.

Haddenham Art Group future plans?

Now that the art group have the exhibition stands and skills required to publish an exhibition they are considering holding further exhibitions of their work. No further funding will be required because the art group were able to make good quality exhibition stands and purchase frames that they can use again. The art competition designs were delivered to the schemes just prior to Christmas. Some people enjoyed the colouring so much that families purchased colouring books and pens for them as Christmas presents.

An individual story –

A severely disabled gentleman really enjoyed colouring and entered the competition. He usually becomes very anxious when his wife has to go out – sometimes he sleeps, but often he is stressed. A lady who sits with him gave him one of the designs to colour – instead of sleeping or being anxious, he sat there colouring away, enjoying it and was not worried about his wife being out or when she was coming back. When asked if he enjoyed colouring he put his thumbs up. He entered the competition. Stories like this demonstrate the power for good of these local groups.

Applying for and receiving the grant.

A quote from the team at The Haddenham Art Group:

“We found the whole experience extremely positive. Members of the group told me, prior to being awarded the grant, that even if we were not successful they really enjoyed the whole experience of preparing, researching and even the wait to find out! One participant said that here was proof that there is more to retirement than playing bingo and waiting for God. It definitely enriched the lives of the art group and the participants of the colouring competition.”

If you’re a charitable, voluntary or community group in Buckinghamshire, find out how you can apply for a Rectory Homes Grant to help support your work.

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