Grant trains three specialists at the Puzzle Centre

August 4, 2016 10:01 am    

The Puzzle Centre provides specialist education, support and therapy for children with autism and other communication difficulties. Their work includes helping children to develop their communication skills by using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). PECS teaches children to communicate using pictures, supporting those with limited language skills or providing an alternative method of communication for those unable to speak.

The Puzzle Centre were awarded a grant from Heart of Bucks to fund PECS training for three of their specialist learning assistants.

A child at The Puzzle Centre using PECS

A child at the Puzzle Centre using PECS

How has this grant helped?
– The three specialist learning assistants now have enhanced knowledge and skills in the use of PECS and can use this approach when working directly with children.
– At least 30 children are now better able and more confident in their communication with others.
– At least 60 parents and carers are more aware of the PECS approach and are able to use pictures to communicate with their child at home.
– The Puzzle Centre are now able to deliver training to parents and professionals on the use of PECS.

The Puzzle Centre works closely with a range of other organisations and community groups, including local pre-schools and nurseries. They also have over 30 volunteers in the local community involved in their work. For more information please visit their website –

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