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May 16, 2017 4:53 pm  
funding for homeless charities

Grant Amount Awarded £5,000.00

We were delighted to hear from Aylesbury Homeless Action Group (AHAG) recently on how their funding from the Heart of Bucks was used to provide case working hours for an experienced and trained caseworker to work with their clients – who are homeless or facing homelessness. 237 of their service users had directly benefited from the work that has been funded with this grant of £5,000.

What difference has the grant made?

This grant has enabled AHAG to increase the number of case working hours they have available for their clients on a face to face basis.
This has contributed to a greater success in providing support for vulnerable people who require housing and on-going tenancy support. Another important aspect is the provision and support of homelessness prevention. A total of 57 people were directly assisted to find housing during the past twelve months and a total of 49 of these people were able to sustain their tenancy for over 6 months. The benefits are obvious for the individuals concerned and there are hidden benefits for the wider community – less homeless people on the streets; a reduction of services required through statutory and other support organisations where available; reduction in police time dealing with calls in relation to homeless people and a cost saving for the National Health Service.

One personal ‘story of change’

We often ask the projects we support to give us an example of how the grant has made a real difference to an individual. AHAG have shared this story with us:


“AHAG first met the client in April 2016 when he came to our drop in service seeking general advice and support with his housing crisis. The client had been unable to return to work due to ongoing mental health issues for which he was receiving some support. Client presented well, had been in a professional job role and long term marriage that broke down due to his decline in mental health and ongoing issues. He had been sofa surfing between family and friends, struggling with the motivation to get himself back to stability. AHAG offered the client an appointment at Rickfords Hill to address housing – starting with a discussion regarding supported housing.
The client was open to these options and recognised the benefit of low support housing in Aylesbury. We completed referrals for both Sanctuary Carr-Gomm and Stonham. An AHAG case worker stayed in contact with the client over the following months to see if any progression had been made, however in early August it became apparent that the client needed a change in his circumstances in order for him to have a sense of ‘normality’. The case worker contacted AVDC regarding the Stonham application and within a week the client had been offered an assessment with a same day move in. This rarely happens. A month later and an email has been received from the client to AHAG:
“I’m in my flat, settling in. I just want to say thank you. I’m humbled by the amount of work that must have gone into getting me here. I am back on the map now and a ripple effect seems to be happening. I have an address and am a person again.”

Funding from Heart of Bucks

We always ask that the groups, charities and projects we work with give us feedback on the process of receiving funding from Heart of Bucks. Here’s what AHAG had to say after applying for the available funding for homeless charities:

“I found making an application for funding to be supportive and the ability to be able to talk the project through with a dedicated staff member is extremely useful.”

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support local groups and community projects in Buckinghamshire, do get in touch with our friendly outreach team – contact us

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