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April 12, 2017 2:59 pm  
food bank funding

Lifting the Lid on Poverty this Lent.

As Easter approaches we’re delighted to hear from the team at One Can Trust in High Wycombe who we’ve been able to help with a grant for food bank funding. Over to them for more on their work…

Foodbanks in High Wycombe

“We’ve been thrilled to hear how many people are collecting for the foodbank this Lent as part of the One Can Trust ‘Lift the Lid’ campaign.

We’ll be opening the foodbank store on Easter Monday from 9am-12noon for you to drop off your donations.

If you can’t make that, we’ve created a range of options for paying in your donations. See how to give’ on our website for more details. After the school holidays are finished, the foodbank will also be back to its regular opening hours.

Heart of Bucks grant & other news

Thanks to a grant from Heart of Bucks, we’ve been able to start providing fresh bread in many of our food parcels. Local supermarkets and independent stores have been donating their overstock which we’ve been able to put in new, shiny freezers, and pass on to people in need. We hope to extend the project to fresh milk really soon!

We’ve got two food drives coming up at Sainsbury’s in Beaconsfield on 21st and 29th April. These are massively important as we head towards the summer when we need to replenish our stores ahead of times when children won’t be at school and need increases.

We’re currently working hard on resources for our Harvest 2017 campaign – seems too soon but we know many of you are already thinking that far ahead.

Changes to the welfare system

Last Thursday saw changes to our welfare system including a new limitation reducing the amount of child support for families with more than 2 kids, and cuts to payments to the bereaved. One study estimates the policy will put an extra 200,000 children into poverty by 2020. We look forward to the day we can close the One Can foodbank because we’re no longer needed to help those struggling to feed their families….but that day is getting further and further away, so thank you to all of you who are able to support.

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